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Kennedy Towing – Honest Towing Services in Oceanside

You vividly remember your first car. It sure was a beauty! You took great effort to take good care of it. You had it washed every Sunday and ensured it got professional mechanical treatment on a regular basis. You also had your first kiss in that car and your friends decorated it when you got married. You have many great memories from it! You also learned a lot from it on how to be a responsible driver, what to do when you get stuck on the side of the road, and what qualifies as excellent towing services and what does not. That is why you will recognize a good towing service provider when you see one – the Kennedy Towing company! Call us now at (760) 444-0775  for Oceanside’s best towing service!

Excellent service at fair prices

We think of ourselves as an important part of Oceanside’s social fabric, as we have been here long and intend to stay even longer. Therefore we are committed to providing the best customer care to our customers. We are available to any towing need or roadside emergency that you may be facing around the clock! Call us day or night, 24/7/365 and we will respond in 30 minutes or less, providing professional service by one of our certified and friendly technicians. With Kennedy Towing you can be sure that you are in capable and reliable hands.

  • Being there.
  • Being there when you need us.
  • Being there quickly when you need us.
  • Being there quickly when you need us while providing effective solutions.
  • This is our commitment to you!

Available, quick, reliable, and professional solutions in Oceanside

Leave all the heavy lifting for us! Whenever you find yourself dealing with an ordeal that ensues from one sort of roadside trouble or another, all you have to do is contact our professional call center and one of our expert crews will gladly and professionally provide you with our services:

Call us now for effective towing services and roadside assistance solutions in Oceanside. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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